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Posted by Jason Gerry on December 18, 2013

Lowerys raises the red flag

  Its happening and many will not be ready or prepared. Microsoft has announced that as of April 8th, 2014 it will no longer offer support on Windows XP or Office 2003. According to industry experts, 33% of all PC users still run Windows XP.  The Risk  Windows XP and Office 2003 will continue to […]

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Posted by Jason Gerry on November 9, 2012

“Have a Little Treat”: The Importance of Rewarding Yourself

There’s a reason why they say success is sweet. Rewards and celebrations, if done right, can actually motivate you to work harder, longer, and faster. They also provide you with the time to reflect on your work and to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices that you have put in. Read on below for how to […]

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Posted by Jason Gerry on November 8, 2012

“Keep a TOP OF MIND Attitude”: Personal Responsibility at Work

  What does personal responsibility mean? It’s about holding yourself accountable for how you behave and feel at work. However, you might ask yourself, how do you adopt personal responsibility when you are required to work as a team? Or, how do you control your emotions in a highly social environment? Remember that only you […]

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Posted by Jason Gerry on November 7, 2012

Manage Workplace Stress, Yours and Others

Why? Finding ways to relieve stress is the key to your overall physical and mental health. Find out what works for you and stick to it! Stress is something that will happen to nearly everyone while they are at work. While stress cannot be completely eliminated from your work life, there are strategies that you […]

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Posted by Jason Gerry on November 6, 2012

6 Ideas for Improving Your Time Management

The key to managing your time wisely comes down to spending some time on planning and organizing your day. A small amount of time devoted to listing your daily priorities and weekly goals will do wonders in optimizing your time spent at work. Read all of the tips below to see how you can be […]

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